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Gloomy Wednesday

Victo Ngai

This is my 100th post on tumblr, woohoo!! Let’s celebrate with 2 dark pieces. The top one is for a short story titled “Warm Up” by the one and the only V.E. Schwab. "Warm Up" is a warm up for the page-turner "VICIOUS”. Both the novelette and the novel take place in a world where ordinary people are able to gain extraordinary power with near-death experiences. You can read it here on 

I love partnering with Miss. Schwab, she makes me feel badass. When I work with her stories, the shadows in my studio lengthen, light creeps around like smoky liquid. Everything turns into black and white film noire style. And I, would be wearing a trench coat in front of my drafting table, with my fem fatale on my lap.  

Big thanks to AD Irene Gallo for matching us up!!

The second piece ran in Saturday’s New York Times op-Ed. Did you New Yorker know that the beautiful Palisades just off the Hudson River is also a monument to the End-Triassic apocalypse? Also, ‘ “In terms of global warming and ocean acidification,” Professor Olsen said, the rate of change during the end-Triassic extinction “was comparable to what we’re doing today.” ’ Maybe the Palisades will also witness the extinction of human, pretty grim eh? 

Big thanks to AD Matt, always a pleasure to work with. You can read the article here.


You probably need these.  Lots more Kyler Martz here.

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Leopard Gecko

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More #chasingfog from the other night.

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Grasshopper from James and the Giant Peach (1996)

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